Review: Austria- Nathan Trent ‘Running On Air’

Nathan Trent is Austria’s cheeky chappy singer for Eurovision 2017. Not only were Austria interested in having him, but he was also being considered for the German selection. However due to the fact that you can not represent two nations in any one year, when he was chosen for Austria, he couldn’t also be Germany’s pick. He will sing ‘Running On Air’ in Semi Final Two. Here’s what I think of it.

The song is a offers a cheery vibe with poppy r’n’b overtones and a positive message about self belief and working through struggles and hard time to achieve your goals. This is especially apparent in the lines of the chorus:

‘Hey now, if you push me down I’ll get up again
Hey now, if you let me drown I’ll swim like a champion
I’m sure, there’ll be good times, there’ll be bad times
But I don’t care…’cause I’m running on air’

Nathan’s voice is sweet and endearing at times, but also packs a punch on the higher notes. The harmonies in the song are also effective with the backing vocals echoing the word ‘Running’ throughout.

In addition to this Nathan conveys his personality effectively with his accompanying video which sees him not running on air, but rather running through snow by a sublime Alpine lake with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop.

My Ranking: 11th

My Prediction: 20th in the Final


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