My Prediction: Semi Final 2

With one semi final down, we quickly turn our attention to the second one that will take place on Thursday evening. Here’s who i think will make it through. Be sure to tune in and find out if I’m right.

Eurovision 2017: Semi Final 2 Predictions

  1. Serbia- Tijana Bogićević ‘In Too Deep’
  2. Austria- Nathan Trent ‘Running on Air’ 
  3. Macedonia- Jana Burčeska ‘Dance Alone’  
  4. Malta- Claudia Faniello ‘Breathlessly’
  5. Romania- Ilinca and Alex Florea ‘Yodel It!’
  6. Netherlands- O’G3NE ‘Lights and Shadows’
  7. Hungary- Joci Pápai ‘Origo’
  8. Denmark- Anja ‘Where I Am’
  9. Ireland- Brendan Murray ‘Dying to Try’ 
  10. San Marino- Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson Spirit of the Night’
  11. Croatia- Jacques Houdek ‘My Friend’
  12. Norway- JOWST ‘Grab the Moment’
  13. Switzerland- Timebelle ‘Apollo’
  14. Belarus- Naviband ‘Story of My Life’
  15. Bulgaria Kristian Kostov ‘Beautiful Mess’
  16. Lithuania- Fusedmarc ‘Rain of Revolution’
  17. Estonia- Koit Toome and Laura ‘Verona’
  18. Israel- IMRI ‘I Feel Alive’

You can watch the second semi final from 8pm on BBC Four. Ten acts will join those who qualified from Semi Final 1 (Australia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Moldova and Sweden), the host nation (Ukraine) and the Big Five (UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany) in the Grand Final on Saturday.



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