Review: Poland- Kasia Mos ‘Flashlight’

The nation that brought us butter-churning milk maids, the first ever wheelchair user to perform at Eurovision and a long haired hunk in a red military jacket return to Eurovision in 2017. Hoping to secure Poland’s first ever win is Kasia Mos with her song ‘Flashlight’. But how does it compare to other entries and is that win likely?

Poland’s recent success at Eurovision (three consecutive final qualifications) can be attributed to the fact that many Polish diaspora living in other European countries have boosted the amount of votes received in the televote portion of the results. While this factor is something that will certainly help Poland again in 2017, I feel that this will not be enough to see Kasia through to the final and that she will narrowly miss out on that final slot.

‘Flashlight’ is a slow ballad that does little to excite. Kasia is accompanied by strings throughout the song with a sample of a heartbeat noticeable, especially at the end as the strings rise into a crescendo. Kasia’s voice is middling and again lacks a certain wow factor.

The video is simplistic with Kasia appearing nude in black and white against a black background while images of birds, a forest and Kasia herself on a beach are projected on her skin. I can see them rejigging this trope in their staging, perhaps projecting the images on the screen behind Kasia or having them projected on her in a white dress.


My Ranking: 32nd

My Prediction: 11th in Semi Final 1 (Will not progress to the Final)


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