Review: Latvia- Triana Park ‘Line’

Electro Pop outfit Triana Park will take to the Eurovision stage for Latvia in 2017. They will be hoping to capitalise on the recent run of success for the nation who have qualified for the final in the past two years following a six year streak of not making it to the final. Their song ‘Line’ won the Supernova contest and they will perform the song in the first semi final on Tuesday evening, but do they stand a chance of winning?

In short no. While they may not challenge for the win, they will most likely sneak into the final. As ‘Line’ offers the Eurovision audience something new and stands it apart from most of the other entries this year, I don’t think it’s something that will have Eurovision fans eating out of their hands. The idea behind Triana Park is very interesting with elements of rock, punk, funk, electronica and rock and judging by their past staging at Supernova and their highly stylised videos you can bet that they will deliver a very visual performance when they take to the stage.

The chorus of the song is particularly memorable with vocalist Agnese Rakovska giving us a raspy tone as she repeats the line ‘Tell me baby, where we draw the line’ in quick succession accompanied by the electronic music from the rest of her band. We also see an emotional vulnerability when she delivers the words ‘My heart breaks the seal
Days go by, I’m still hoping’.

The video for the song gives us an insight into the band as artists. They love colour, they love the visual and you can tell that they have a real love for what they do and do it well.

My Ranking: 25th

My Prediction: 22nd in the Final

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