Review: Slovenia- Omar Nabir ‘On My Way’

Omar Naber has made a return to the Eurovision stage in 2017. Twelve years after his first attempt for Slovenia, Naber will sing ‘On My Way’ in Kiev. In 2005 he failed to make it through to the Final with song ‘Stop’, can he improve on this in 2017? I’m not convinced.

The first forty odd seconds of ‘On My Way’ is highly unremarkable. The song is a slow ballad in these initial moments with Omar’s voice a whispering rasp. Then with the introduction of piano and strings the song kicks up a gear for the chorus allowing Omar’s vocal to belt out the words:

‘On my way, I’m never coming back
And I’ll pray I’m never gonna crack
World is calling out tonight, telling me I’ll be alright
Lights will guide you through the night.’

The song’s lyrics are probably the best thing about the piece with an empowering message of self belief and celebrating confidence and achievement and it must be commended for this. Having said that it is easily one of my least favourite entries for this year, as the music is just very dated and lacks any character.

Similarly the video is just as dull. It consists of Omar dressed in a black turtle neck while another man (dressed in what could only be described as a straitjacket made of carpets) dances around a room. Oh and then Omar cries a bit. Sexy.

My Ranking: 40th

My Prediction: 14th in Semi Final 1 (Will not progress to the Final)


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