Review: Denmark- Anja Nissen ‘Where I Am’

In 2017, Denmark are on a mission to put consecutive bad results behind them and to return to the Eurovision finals. In their selection show they were adamant that a solo artist would be representing them in Kiev when, with the exception of Calling Mercury, all the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix finalists were solo artists. They got their wish when Anja Nissen was chosen with her song ‘Where I Am’. 

Despite this change in tactics, I think Denmark are in for another rough year at Eurovision. The singer and the song fail to make an impact. It is all very forgettable, especially in a field where female ballads are a dime a dozen. When compiling a list of this year’s contestants I struggle to remember Anja’s name, let alone anything about her.

‘Where I Am’ is essentially a song about being in a relationship and being able to let down your walls and show your partner your true self, hoping that when they see you for who you are, that it strengthens the relationship’s bond. This is exemplified most notably in the chorus when Anja declares:

‘Tonight I’m gonna show you, show you what you’ve done
I’m laying down my armour, laying down my gun
Tonight I’m gonna hold you closer than before
So you know where I am, so you know where I am.’

The song has its moments to shine, particularly at this chorus which ramps up the tempo momentarily which allows Anja to flick her hair around emphatically among lighting effects and with the wind machine in tow. However this isn’t enough to be assured of a place in the Final.

Like last year, Denmark have not revealed an official music video to accompany the song, instead we have to make do with Anja’s DMGP Final performance.

My Ranking: 29th

My Prediction: 15th in Semi Final 2 (Will not progress to Final)


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