Review: Greece- Demy ‘This Is Love’

It’s been a while since Greece have been on form at Eurovision. Last year, they ruined their perfect record of always qualifying for the final when Argo’s ‘Utopian Land’ didn’t impress audiences or make it to the Final. Prior to that they have also had a string of poor results with Maria Elena placing in 19th the year before and Freaky Fortune placing 20th the year before that again. This is a far cry from their golden years 2004-2011 where they placed in the top ten every year including a win in 2005. 2017 however could be the year that they begin to turn their fortunes around again as they have chosen Greek pop princess Demy and her song ‘This is Love’.

‘This is Love’ starts as a mid tempo song that explodes into a Cascada-esque dance floor banger when we reach the chorus. There are notes of pop, dance and R’n’B in what is an accomplished vocal by the 25 year old Athens born diva. The song, which has been penned by highly regarded writer and producer Dimitris Kontopoulos and his team Romy Papadea and John Ballard, tells of a complex love story and whether or not this is worth pursuing or if it should be called quits. The opening lyrics set this debate up with:

‘Holding on to what we had can be so complicated
Could be time to move along and face it, no more debating
Watched the river running dry
Now it’s time to say goodbye.’

The video builds on the song with Demy traversing the rooms of a palace, all in black in white, except for her bright red dress (think a more jovial Schindler’s List). The lyrics are intermittently flashed on the screen in red as we get aerial shots of the city. There’s then a diverse range of young people who make a heart symbol with their hands as they look both happy then pained- reflecting the song’s lyrics.

Earlier today we got a sneak peek at Demy’s staging of the song at Eurovision 2017 with her first rehearsal. From this it appears she intends to stand on a giant plinth while CGI raindrops fall from the screen behind her and splash on the stage.

Although I like the song, I feel as though Semi Final 1 is full of strong competition and it will be a close shave as to whether or not she can squeeze through to the Final.

My Ranking: 20th

My Prediction: 13th in Semi Final 1 (Will not progress to Final)

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