Review: Malta- Claudia Faniello ‘Breathlessly’

After a whopping eleven times competing in the Maltese Eurovision selection show, Claudio Faniello was finally chosen to represent the island nation in 2017 with song ‘Breathlessly’.

The song is a regal power ballad with a powerful chorus and which allows Claudia to really showcase her vocal ability. The song however may get struggle in this year’s competition, as while it is a powerful song, it could get lost in a field of other ballads.

The lyrics to the song also can come across as a little bit like a stalker pursuing his/her victim:

I’ll be watching you breathlessly’

Hashtag Creepy!

My other concern for the song is how it will be staged. I struggle to see how they can do anything innovative with the staging and see no other option but for Claudia to stand alone on stage and give an epic performance, belting out those high notes and impressing the audience that way, rather than have any exciting visual aids, gimmicks or routines. There will no doubt be a cliche wind machine.

However having said that, Claudia has surprised me before, most notably with her video for ‘Breathlessly’. The video has a high production value with an impressive story told in reverse of a jilted lover at a high end masquerade party. The video has it all a woman submerged in a bathtub, a game of chess flipped over, Claudia standing dressed all in white in a white room, with white curtains billowing in the wind in the background, a broken pearl necklace spilled all over the floor, impressive views of St Julian’s at night from the tower of an epic villa.

Here’s a fun fact about the video. The location the video is filmed at is actually the venue that two of my friends got married at last year. Not only that but the band that played their wedding was non other than Firelight, Malta’s Eurovision entry in 2014.

My Ranking: 35th

My Prediction: 14th in Semi Final 2 (will not progress to Final)


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