Review: Australia- Isaiah Firebrace ‘Don’t Come Easy’


What was meant to be a one off, has become a regular feature, as Australia compete at Eurovision for the third time in 2017. The theme of ex-talent show competitors continues as Isaiah Firebrace follows in the footsteps of X-Factor winner Dami Im and Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian. 

Isaiah’s song ‘Don’t Come Easy’ sounds like it could be a Bond theme a la Sam Smith with piano, drums and impressive harmonies running throughout the piece. While there is no doubting that Isaiah has a strong vocal, the song is easily the weakest of all of Australia’s entries to date. It doesn’t do much to excite, the lyrics are standard, the melody forgettable and Isaiah’s personality is non existent.

While the video that accompanies the song shows off Isaiah’s ability to give the camera a convincing pained expression, it again does nothing to excite us. There are lots of close ups of the teenager while lights flash in the background or while he is enveloped by smoke from a smoke machine.

If the video and previous Australian staging is anything to go by, I imagine a simplistic and boring presentation of the song at Eurovision 2017. However I think the novelty of having Australia at Eurovision has yet to wear off and they will continue their streak of qualifying for the Final. However I think they are due for their worst result to date.

My Ranking: 24th

My Prediction: 15th in the Final

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