Review: Norway- Jowst ‘Grab the Moment’

Eurovision 2017 sees music producer and DJ JOWST team up with vocalist Aleksander Walmann for the Norwegian entry ‘Grab the Moment’. The song is an electronic synth pop performance with Aleksander’s vocal providing an urban edge. The song is as the title suggests about availing of every opportunity life provides you, grabbing the moment and making the most of it.

If hearing the song for the first time it will probably stick in your head for a few days, however if like me you have been listening to the Eurovision songs on repeat since March, this one starts to get a little bit annoying. This is only because the lyrics are very repetitive.

The chorus is repeated a little bit too often:

‘I’m gonna kill that voice in my head
I don’t care about falling
I’m gonna grab the moment’

Having said that some of the other lyrics are quite inventive, such as ‘I try to act cool but I’m boiling’ and ‘So when it’s all or nothing/I put my nerves in the coffin’. I fully expect that the duo will give it all they’ve got, bring a lively performance this evening and probably secure a spot in Saturday’s Grand Final.

My Ranking: 15th

My Prediction: 21st in the Final


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