Review: Spain- Manel Navarro ‘Do It For Your Lover’

Many Spanish Eurovision fans were initially outraged when Manel Navarro was chosen to represent the nation at Eurovision 2017 over Mirela. The two acts had tied on points and the decision was put in the hands of the jury of judges rather than the public who had voted in favour of Mirela. Nevertheless Manel was chosen to be Spain’s representative with song ‘Do It For Your Lover’.

The song is a catchy melody with a beach vibe. Its plinky guitars and Manel’s vocal signifies that the surf’s up in a similar vein to mid noughties acoustic acts like Jason Mraz, Ben Howard and Jack Johnson. The lyrics are a bit repetitive, and while this may be effective to win audiences over in the three minute slot you have to impress at Eurovision, if you listen to it more it loses its effect. As a matter of fact I counted 78 instances of the word ‘love’ or ‘lover’ in the song.

Furthermore the lyrics are highly misogynistic and borderline rapey. ‘Do it for your lover, do it for your lover, baby clap your hands and do it for your lover’, sounds like he is a boyfriend who is coercing his girlfriend into having sexual relations against her will. If this isn’t the case and he merely is asking her to smile and get on with life after she has expressed feelings of anxiety or depression (‘Sometimes is hard to do whatever you wanna do/
Sometimes is even worse to wake up every morning’), this is just as bad. It would seem that rather than help her through a hard time in her life, he has chosen to totally dismiss her emotions, invalidating her feelings and asking her just to cheer up. For him. Why should she have to do anything for her lover? Why can’t she do it for herself, in her own time and when she is ready?

The video builds on the beachy guitar riffs with Manel in a hawaiian shirt, surf board under his arm on his way to the beach in the back of a 4×4 jeep. When he gets to the beach with his equally surfer dude mates, they creepily sit on the beach and watch one woman partake in some water sports, before joining in on the craic themselves. Time for a quick game of beach football before the cocktails get passed around at the moonlit party.

My Ranking: 21st

My Prediction: 17th in the Final


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