Review: San Marino- Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson ‘Spirit of the Night’


If the saying ‘Everyone loves a trier’ is true, then Eurovision must love Valentina Monetta. The San Marinese singer has taken to the Eurovision stage on three other occasions, including in 2014 when she achieved the country’s best ever result when she helped them reach the final for the first ever time with song ‘Maybe’. She’s back for a fourth attempt in 2017 and this time she is not alone. She teams up with male singer Jimmie Wilson for the song ‘Spirit of the Night’.

‘Spirit of the Night’ evokes everything we love about the eighties- power ballad duo, sparkly dresses with shoulder pads, clapping and even references to the Brat Pack movies in the lyrics namely ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’. The song is upbeat, infectious and will have you clapping along, however the worry will be in how San Marino choose to stage the song, whether the two singers have enough chemistry to pull off a convincing and charismatic performance and whether the song is a bit too dated for modern audiences.

In addition to this, San Marino’s national broadcaster has recently been giving out about how the new voting procedures leaves smaller countries like San Marino at a disadvantage and have stated how they are less likely to qualify to the final.

The video for ‘Spirit of the Night’ is a bit of fun, with the two singers partying in a club and eventually finding each other on the dance floor for a good old boogie with each other, before ending on a romantic balcony scene.


My Ranking: 22nd

My Prediction: 16th in Semi Final 2 (won’t qualify for Final)

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