Eurovision World Cup 2017: Group F Results!

For the past four days you have been voting in the poll for Group F of the Eurovision NI World Cup 2017! We have closed the poll and can now reveal the results and announce which two countries have made it through to the next round of the competition.

In first place with 36% of the vote is Cyprus’ Hovig with ‘Gravity’. Second place went to ‘Do It For Your Lover’ from Spain’s Mabel Navarro which received 32% of the vote. These two songs will advance to the next round of the contest while Bulgaria, Denmark, Albania and Lithuania have been eliminated. See the full results below:

Eurovision World Cup: Group F Results

  1. Cyprus: Hovig- ‘Gravity’ (36%)
  2. Spain: Manel Navarro- ‘Do It For Your Lover’ (32%)
  3. Denmark: Anja‘Where Am I?’ (12%)
  4. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov- ‘Beautiful Mess’ (12%)
  5. Albania: Lindita Halimi- ‘World’ (12%)
  6. Lithuania: Fusedmarc- ‘Rain of Revolution’ (0%)

Eurovision NI’s Eurovision World Cup continues with Group G where two more songs will advance. Click here to listen to all the songs and vote in our poll. The poll will close on Sunday evening. 


    • Not a huge fan of most of this group. Cyprus is the only one I actually like. Really don’t get the appeal of Denmark. Really dull.


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