New Music Round Up: March 2017!

New Music Round Up

As most of the Eurovision 2017 selection shows draw to a close, some of the Eurovision stars from the past few years have been busy releasing some new material. Check out our New Music Round Up for March 2017! Included in the mix are new songs from Russia’s Sergey Lazarev, Debrah Scarlett from Norway, Iceland’s Greta Salome, Barei from Spain, while Loreen returns to Swedish selection show Melodifestivalen with ‘Statements’!

Sergey Lazarev- ‘Lucky Stranger’


Sergey Lazarev wowed us at last year’s Eurovision with not only his song ‘You Are The Only One’, but also with his lavish staging, dazzling good looks and his vocal ability. The singer had already stacked up a solid back catalogue of hits including the infectious ‘Take It Off’, cheeky ‘In My Lonely Life’ and even teamed up with US rapper T-Pain for ‘Cure the Thunder’. Since his third place finish at Eurovision he has gone on to win four Eurovision NI Awards and has released new material including ‘Breaking Away’ and now this new single ‘Lucky Stranger’. The video for the song embodies everything 80s from dodgy hair to denim, shoulder pads, shell suits and high school proms. The song is typical Lazarev with a catchy beat, jazzy pop trumpets on the chorus, impressive dance routines and all round fun.

Loreen- ‘Statements’


Loreen’s return to Melodifestivalen was a welcome surprise for many Eurovision fans in 2017. There was speculation that the 2012 winner would be unable to live up to the resounding success of ‘Euphoria’, and while Sweden opted for Robin Bengtsson over ‘Statements’, Loreen’s song still had a huge impact. The staging for ‘Statements’ at Melfest was incredibly artistic and towers above anything else presented in the four heats of the selection show. The song had elements of Loreen’s style that we all know and love from the wailing, pained vocal to the shouty repetition of the song’s title in the chorus. While the song failed to make an impression with Swedish voters, it is well and truly taking over our Spotify playlists!

Greta Salome- ‘My Blues’


Two time Icelandic Eurovision representative Greta Salome has released a string of hits following her most recent appearance at the Contest in 2016. The follow up to her Eurovision song ‘Hear them Calling’, ‘Row’ was released in late 2016 and feature in our top ten songs of 2016 (placing in fifth place), and Greta’s continued to impress with her first release of 2017 ‘Running Out of Time’. Her third release in recent months is ‘My Blues’ which Greta debuted at the final of the Icelandic Eurovision selection show Songvakeppnin last month. The song is a bouncy, yet broody piece and is easily one of my favourite songs released this month. It also helps that there is a guest cameo in the video from Game of Thrones star Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson aka Ser Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane!

META ft. Sanja Vucic- ‘GENESIS’


Sanja Vucic represented Serbia at Eurovision 2016 with song ‘Goodbye (Shelter)’ which qualified for the Grand Final and came in 18th place. Sanja has ditched her Eurovision band ZAA and instead teams up with META for new single ‘GENESIS’. The song brings dubstep in droves and while it is memorable, it isn’t necessarily for the right reasons- have the paracetamols ready.

Barei- ‘I Don’t Need To Be You’


Barei has been a busy girl since she represented Spain at Eurovision 2016. Barei’s album ‘Throw the Dice’ was re-released to include Eurovision song ‘Say Yay!’ and she is already working on the follow up due for release later this year! The lead single from the new  album ‘I Don’t Need To Be You’ is a strong effort and you can clearly see that the video has been inspired by Pop Princess Britney Spears from ‘Womanizer’ dance moves to ‘Toxic’ red wig.

Jimmie Wilson- ‘So Damn Beautiful’


Jimmie Wilson joined four time Eurovision representative Valentina Monetta in 2017 for San Marino’s duet ‘Spirit of the Night’. While their Eurovision song was a fun 80s pop throwback, I can’t help but feel that Valentina contributed more to the duo than Jimmie. As a solo artist, Jimmie lacks charisma, his song is very dated and he even reminds me a little bit of a certain Andy Abraham. Cue fiery CGI visuals.

Loic Nottet- ‘Mudblood’


Loic Nottet helped to turn things around for Belgium at Eurovision in 2015 with his song ‘Rhythm Inside’. His top five finish began successful string of hits for his nation continuing with Laura Tesoro’s ‘What’s The Pressure?’ and this year’s ‘City Lights’ from Blanche, a far cry from Axel Hirsoux’s ‘Mother’ (the less said about that, the better). Since his Eurovision appearance, Loic has won the French version of Strictly Come Dancing, recorded and released his debut album ‘Selfocracy’ and his follow up single to ‘Rhythm Inside’ entitled ‘Million Eyes’ peaked at number two in the Belgian charts. Latest single ‘Mud Blood’ is not unfortunately a song celebrating Harry Potter pureblood supremacy, but is nonetheless a great song that adds to Loic’s already impressive hitlist.

Debrah Scarlett- ‘Cynical Youth’


You may remember Debrah Scarlett from her 2015 Eurovision song ‘Monster Like Me’ which saw her team up with Morland to finish in eighth for Norway. Since then both singers have gone on to enjoy solo success with Morland releasing hits ‘Make a Sail’ and ‘Skin’ in 2016, while Debrah has released ‘To Figure’ last year followed by ‘Cynical Youth’ in 2017. Debrah at the tender age of 23 uses ‘Cyncial Youth’ to develop her already dark artistic persona. This is heightened with the song’s video which is shot in a cold and dark forest, a concept that was devised by Debrah in consultation with producer Nico Schmied.

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