Top 10: Duos 2007-2016!

Top 10

2017 has been a stellar year for duets at Eurovision with six countries choosing couples to represent them. This includes Finland’s Norma John, Estonia’s Koit Toome and Laura, Norway’s JOWST and Alexander Walmann, San Marino’s Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson, Belarus’s Navi Band and Romania’s Ilinca and Alex Florea. This got us hoking through the Eurovision archives to pick out our top ten duos from over the last ten years. Check out what we came up with!

10. Alex Swings Oscar Sings!- ‘Miss Kiss Kiss Bang’ (Germany, 2009)

9. Morland and Debrah Scarlett- ‘A Monster Like Me’ (Norway, 2015)

8. ChanĂ©e and N’evergreen- ‘In a Moment Like This’ (Denmark, 2010)

7. Greta Salome and Jonsi- ‘Never Forget’ (Iceland, 2012)

6. Elina Born and Stig Rasta- ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’ (Estonia, 2015)

5. Jedward- ‘Lipstick’ (Ireland 2011)

4. Ell & Nikki- ‘Running Scared’ (Azerbaijan 2011)

3. Cleo and Donotan- ‘My Slowaianie’ (Poland, 2014)

2. The Common Linnets- ‘Calm After the Storm’ (The Netherlands, 2014)

1. Vaidas Baumila and Monika Linkyte- ‘This Time’ (Lithuania, 2015)


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