Top 10: Azerbaijan!

Top 10

Azerbaijan celebrate ten years in the Eurovision this year when DiHaj will represent the asian nation in Kiev. They have an excellent track record in the Contest with all their songs making it to the finals, six top 10 finishes and one win under their belt. To mark their ten year anniversary of great songs, we count down our Top 10: Azerbaijan songs. Find out which song was our favourite!

10. Elnur & Samir- ‘Day After Day’ (2008)

9. Dilara Kazimova- ‘Start a Fire’ (2014)

8. Sabina Babayeva- When the Music Dies’ (2012)

7. Aysel & Arash- ‘Always’ (2009)

6. Elnur Hüseynov- ‘Hour of the Wolf’ (2015)


5. Samra- ‘Miracle (2016)

4. Safura- ‘Drip Drop’ (2010)

3. DiHaj- ‘Skeletons’ (2017)

2. Ell & Nikki- ‘Running Scared’ (2011)

1. Farid Mammadov- ‘Hold Me’ (2013)


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