10 Things About…Triana Park!

Triana Park Latvia Eurovision 2017

Latvia’s pick for Eurovision 2017 is Triana Park. They will perform song ‘Line’ at the Contest in May. Get to know the band a little better with our feature 10 Things About…Triana Park!

1. Triana Park is a Latvian band that was founded in 2008 by lead vocalist Agnese Rakovska, and who is joined by guitarist Arturs Strautins, drummer Edgars Vilums and Kristaps Erglis on bass.

2. Their sound is unique and eclectic as it combines pop and electronic with hints of hip-hop and some bold rock vibes.

3. Since their formation, the band have released two records. Their debut was called ‘EnterTainment’ in 2010 and their follow up was the eponymous EP ‘Triana Park’ released in 2014.

4. The group have played at a number of leading festivals both in Latvia and internationally; SXSW (USA), Reeperbahn (Germany), Eurosonic Noordeslag (The Netherlands), Waves Bratislava (Slovakia), Waves Vienna (Austria), and the Siirt Gapgenc festival (Turkey).

5. Triana Park are known for their explosive live performances, always filled with energy.

6. ‘Line’ was never meant to be for Eurovision. It was in fact released it as a single from the band’s upcoming album and it proved popular going viral hitting on the Latvia’s radio charts in Latvia.

7. Triana Park are all avid foodies and in particular love banana pancakes with Nutella in particular.

8. As well as being a talented performer, lead singer Agnese has two Bachelor Degrees.

9. The band’s pre-performance routine consists of the band forming a circle, putting their hands together, wishing each other good luck, and saying some random stuff about our life or how we feel, in order to energise themselves for the upcoming performance.

10. When asked about the importance of Eurovision, the band said:

‘Eurovision is a great platform where you can present yourself and your art in a totally different way – the stage is enormous, it is an experience that can help evolve artists. Also it is crazy cool to represent your county among other countries and cultures. We see this event as a celebration of diversity and we will do our best to bring in a lot of creativity and positive energy!’

Check out the band’s Eurovision song here:

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