10 Things About…O. Torvald!

10 Things About...

O Torvald Ukraine Eurovision 2017

Ukraine will defend their Eurovision title in 2017 when O. Torvald will represent the nation with the song ‘Time’. We get better acquainted with the band with our feature article 10 Things About…O. Torvald!

1. O.Torvald is a Ukrainian rock band. They formed in 2005 in Poltava, Ukraine.

2. The current line up includes lead vocalist and guitarist Yevhen Halych, backing vocalist and guitarist Denys Myzyuk, on drums Oleksandr Solokha, bassist Mykyta Vasylʹyev and
Mykola Rayda on piano.

3. Three members of the group have a military education and two are vegetarians. The guitarist and vocalist have been friends for 23 years.

4. O. Torvald have had six albums and one EP in their twelve year history. The band’s eponymous debut album O.Torvald was recorded and released in 2008.

5. The band followed this up in 2011 with ‘В тобі’ (In you), 2012’s ‘Акустичний’ (Acoustic)
‘Використовуй нас’ (EP), ‘Примат’ (Primate), from 2014 ‘Ти Є’ (You are) and most recently last year’s ‘#нашiлюдивсюди’ (#ourpeopleareeverywhere)

6. In terms of singles they have released songs such as ‘MR DJ’, ‘Radiomerezhi’ and ‘Kiev dnem i nochyu’.

7. O.Torvald have toured extensively and have taken part in festivals such as GBOB, Chervona Ruta, Tavria games, Prosto Rock alongside the likes of Linkin Park and Garbage, and were on the bill for Zakhid, Krashche Misto with Evanescence and The Rasmus, and also played Ekolomyja and Global Gathering.

8. The band’s Eurovision song for 2017 is entitled ‘Time’ and gained notoriety for their staging of the song at the Ukrainian national selection show which saw the band use a massive timer clock in the background while the band themselves had what seemed to be bombs merged into their skin.

9. In the final of the selection show O. Torvald finished in second in the public vote with 25.57% of the vote finishing behind Melovin. They also finished in second in the jury vote, finishing behind Tayanna. Although they came second in both votes, they finished in first place overall when all the points were added together.

10. ‘Time’ was written by band member Denys Miziuk, as well as  Zhenia Galych and Kamenchuk Yevhen and is the band’s first ever song to be performed in the English language.

Check out the band’s national final performance:

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