10 Things About…Norma John!

10 Things About...

Eurovision 2017 Finland Norma JohnNorma John will represent Finland at Eurovision 2017. Find out more about the duo, with our 10 Things About…Norma John feature!

1.  Norma John is a duo consisting of pianist Lasse Piirainen and vocalist Leena Tirronen from Kouvola in Finland.

2. They are an indie spirited pop band and the two members have been friends making music together for over 15 years.

3. Their music has been described as being ‘full of strong cinematic feel, visuality and Scandinavian rugged beauty’.

4. The duo are self proclaimed ‘musical soul mates’ and share a quirky sense of humour.

5. Lasse has worked in the music department on TV show ‘Tahdet, Tahdet’ and has served as a team captain on ‘BumtsiBum!’

6. Leena meanwhile took part in the first season of the Finnish version of the ‘X-Factor’. She finished in third place and went on to sign to record label Sony.

7. Since then she has gone on to release the singles ‘Devil’ and ‘Onnun’.

8. When asked why they wanted to take part in the Eurovision, they said that:

‘We wanted to take the next step with our music and UMK was perfect for this. We felt that it was time to do this. And the Eurovision Song Contest is a fine way of bringing cultures and people together through music.’


9. The band write all their own songs including the Eurovision 2017 song ‘Blackbird’.

10. The band were chosen for Finland when they won the national selection show ‘UMK’. They received 182 points from a combination of public televote and international jury votes. This was a massive 37 points ahead of nearest rival Zuhlke.


Check out the video for ‘Blackbird’ below:

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