10 Things About…Fusedmarc!

fusedmarc lithuania eurovision 2017Fusedmarc is Lithuania’s pick for Eurovision 2017. The band will perform ‘Rain of Revoultion’ in Kiev. Get to know more about the group with our feature article 10 Things About…Fusedmarc!

1. Fusedmarc is a Lithuanian electronic band from Vilnius.

2. The band consists of lead vocalist Viktorija Ivanovskaja, multi-instrumentalist Denisas Zujevas, and visual designer Stasys Žakas.

3. Fusedmarc are known to have raised the standard for Lithuanian music to European level immediately after their formation in 2004.

4. They have received several prestigious awards for their music and artistic style. In 2005 they were named the Breakthrough of the Lithuanian Alternative scene, while in 2008 won the Best Lithuanian Electronic Band award.

5. Fusedmarc are not just a musical project but also combines visual art into their performance.The work of Fusedmarc has been described as

‘…not an experiment but a fusion of maturity, true emotions, and inspiring energy. Every concert is a unique audiovisual experience, a no-compromise combination of different musical genres, bold arrangements, unpredictable vocal explosions and conceptual video installations.’

6. This is most evident in the group’s live performances and official music videos. For instance the official music video for song ‘Sign’ sees the group mix art forms while they mix contemporary dance and music in ‘Ebriatum’. While the audiovisual project ‘Waft’ with folk ensemble Trys Keturiose again sees the band push artistic boundaries.

7. Since its formation Fusedmarc’s aim was to make music that was focused on a wider range of listeners. The group soon became one of Lithuania’s most successful export touring festivals in the Baltic countries, as well as Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Greece.

8. In addition to their live performances, the group have also released the virtual EP ‘Contraction’.

9. Their back catalogue includes the songs ‘Contraction’, ‘Similar’ ‘Twin’, ‘Tear & Tie’ (feat. Ruxpin), ‘Easier’ and ‘Funny’.

10. Their song for Eurovision 2017 is called ‘Rain of Revolution’ and was chosen when it won one of Eurovision’s longest selection shows Eurovizijos. They topped both the televote (receiving over 15,000 votes) and the Lithuanian and international juries receiving a maximum of 24 points over all.

Check out the band’s Eurovision effort below:


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