10 Things About…Triana Park!

Triana Park Latvia Eurovision 2017

Latvia’s pick for Eurovision 2017 is Triana Park. They will perform song ‘Line’ at the Contest in May. Get to know the band a little better with our feature 10 Things About…Triana Park! Continue reading

10 Things About…Norma John!

Eurovision 2017 Finland Norma JohnNorma John will represent Finland at Eurovision 2017. Find out more about the duo, with our 10 Things About…Norma John feature! Continue reading

10 Things About…Koit Toome and Laura!

Koit Toome and Laura Estonia Eurovision 2017

Koit Toome and Laura have teamed up to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2017. They are both no strangers to Eurovision having both represented Estonia in the past. They will sing the song ‘Verona’ in Kiev in May, but we get to know them better with our feature ’10 Things About…Koit Toome and Laura!’
Continue reading

Russia’s Yulia Samoilova Banned From Eurovision 2017!

yulia samoilova russia eurovision 2017
The Russian artist Yulia Samoilova who was chosen to represent the nation at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest has been forbidden from entering the Ukraine to compete when the Contest takes place in Kiev in May.  Continue reading

10 Things About…Salvador Sobral!

Salvador Sobral Portugal Eurovision 2017

Salvador Sobral won the Portuguese national selection show ‘Festival da Cancao’ in March 2017 and will represent Portugal at Eurovision 2017 in May. We delve deeper into the singer’s history in the music industry with 10 Things About…Salvador Sobral! Continue reading

Eurovision World Cup 2017: Group D

Two songs will advance from Group D to the knock out stage of our Eurovision World Cup Contest. Group D consists of Moldova, Poland, France, San Marino, Ireland and Czech Republic. Listen to each of the songs in this group and vote for your favourite two in the poll below. Poll closes 26th March when the results will be unveiled. Continue reading