10 Things About…JOWST and Aleksander Walmann!

10 Things About...

Eurovision NI Norway

Norway chose JOWST and vocalist Aleksander Walmann as their Eurovision 2017 representative when they won Melodi Grand Prix earlier this month. The duo will perform the song ‘Grab the Moment’ in Kiev but ahead of that we find out a little bit more about them with 10 Things About…JOWST and Aleksander Walmann!

1. JOWST (whose full name is Joakim With Steen) is a Norwegian musician, DJ, songwriter and producer born in Trondheim in 1989.

2. He has teamed up with Aleksander Walmann a 31 year old vocalist from Porsgrunn for the 2017 Norwegian song ‘Grab the Moment’.

3. JOWST has a specific interest in punk rock but has also worked with and produced a number of rock, hip hop, pop and electronic artists.

4. After finishing his education he went on to work as a teacher and later he started Red Line Studio where he has worked as a sound engineer and producer since 2011.

5. He notes how collaboration helps to develop new genres:

‘Working as a sound engineer and producer for many others in all possible genres is reflected in my own productions…I’m a fan of mixing genres, as such a new genre is created, and that’s how to make something that sounds new.’

6. Aleksander meanwhile grew up in a musical family in Porsgrunn and has had a keen interest in music since childhood.

7. In 2012 he competed in the Norwegian version of The Voice. He reached the final under the mentorship of coach Sondre Lerche and his performances saw him take on songs including ‘The A Team’, ‘Hey Ya!’ and ‘Lego House’.

8. Since his appearance on The Voice, Aleksander has gone on to support acts like Sivert Høyem, Thom Hell, Ole Paus and Sondre Lerche.

9. ‘Grab the Moment’ has been composed by JOWST, while Jonas McDonnell is responsible for writing the lyrics.

10. JOWST has noted his intention behind song ‘Grab The Moment’ was to inspire others to take full advantage of the chances you get and if you do not feel that you get the chances you deserve create them yourself!

Check out the duo’s song below!:

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