10 Things About…Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson!


San Marino Valentina and Jimmie Eurovision 2017

The duo of Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson were chosen to represent San Marino at Eurovision 2017. The pair will sing the song ‘Spirit of the Night’ and we get more acquainted with the singer in our feature article 10 Things About…Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson!

1. Valentina Monetta was born in the city of San Marino on 1st march 1975 and she will team up with Detroit born singer Jimmie Wilson to represent the micro state at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Spirit of the Night’.

2. While it is Jimmie’s first outing at Eurovision, Valentina Monetta is a household name with Eurovision fans having represented San Marino on three previous occasions.

3. Her first and second attempts ‘The Social Network Song (Oh Oh-Uh-Oh-Oh)’ in 2012 and
2013’s ‘Crisalide (Vola)’ failed to reach the final of the competition finishing in 14th and 11th place in the semi final respectively.

4. On her third attempt in 2014 with song ‘Maybe’, Valentina gave San Marino their best ever result to date, advancing to the final for the first time and finishing in 24th place.

5. Monetta also competed in 2008 to be chosen as the Sammarinese Eurovision entry, however her song ‘Se Non Ci Sei Tu’ was not selected.

6. Aside from Eurovision, Valentina began her musical career at the Giovanni da Rimini school in Rimini, where she graduated from learning to play piano and how to sing from an early age.

7. She began her singing career in 1995 fronting the group Tiberio and was subsequently involved with a number of bands including Parafunky, Harem-B, 2blackBluesmobile, and My Funky Valentine. She also competed in the 2001 Italian edition of the televised singing competition Popstars.

8. Jimmie meanwhile has also a strong musical background. He studied acting in Hollywood, and then acted in the musical Sisterella, produced by Michael Jackson. He later moved to Germany to play Barack Obama in the musical Hope! – Das Obama Musical.

9. In 2012 he took part in the third series of the Polish version of Must Be the Music. He was eliminated in the semi-finals. He has released a number of singles including ‘So Damn Beautiful’, ‘You’re the One (Miss Model of the World)’ and ‘The Color Red’.

10. Jimmie’s life motto is apparently ‘life is a journey – enjoy the ride’. Well he has hopped on board the rollercoaster that is Eurovision. Will he be smiling at the other end?

Watch the duo’s video for their Eurovision song ‘Spirit of the Night’

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