10 Things About…Jana Burceska!

10 Things About...

Jana Burceska Macedonia Eurovision 2017Want to know more about Macedonian Eurovision 2017 singer? Read our 10 Things About… Jana Burceska feature!

1. Jana Burčeska is a Macedonian singer who was born 6 July 1993.

2. Burčeska first came to prominence after placing fifth on Macedonian Idol where the judging panel featured two time Macedonian Eurovision singer Kaliopi. Jana finished in fifth place which was the highest position of any female singer in that series.

3. Jana has previously participated in Skopje Fest in 2012, one of the biggest musical events in the country, and a show which has previously been used as a national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song ‘Bi bila tvoja’ immediately caught the attention of the public with her refined and sensitive stage performance and vocals.

4. Jana has collaborated with various established artists in her home country including her Idol colleague Miki Sekulovski and the popular band Mizar.

5. Later in 2011 she took on the role of UNICEF ambassador where she campaigned against violence in schools.

6. Jana’s Eurovision song ‘Dance Alone’ was written and produced by Joacim Perrson, Alex Omar, Florence A. and Bobi-Leon Milanov who belong to the group Symphonix International, a well-known trademark brand, consisting of composers, songwriters and music producers.

7. The Macedonian team announced that they will work with choreographer Ambra Succi who will be the artistic director of Jana’s stage performance in Kyiv. Ambra has been featured in numerous television shows including the Eurovision Song Contest as a choreographer for Poli Genova the Bulgarian representative in 2016 and the winning song in 2012 ‘Euphoria’ performed by Loreen.

8. Regarding the song choice, the broadcaster commented that:

‘We have received more than 200 songs among which great number of impressive music works. Yet, ‘Dance Alone’ stuck in our mind from the very beginning, since we started the open call in November 2016. We felt it was the right song for Jana, expressing her emotions and temperament in the right way…’

9. After Jana was selected to represent FYR Macedonia she said:

‘I would like to infinitely thank the National Broadcaster for investing their trust and choosing me to represent our country in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. I am grateful and really appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given, but am also aware of the responsibilities I must bear. My heart skipped a beat when I was told the good news and I have kept on smiling ever since.’

10. The video story for Dance Alone was developed and directed by Sergey Zhelezko, a young and talented Russian director currently working for ‘Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia. Check it out below:


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