10 Things About…Martina Barta!

10 Things About...

Martina Barta Czech Republic Eurovision 2017Martina Barta has been chosen by internal selection to represent the Czech Republic at Eurovision 2017. Ahead of her big song reveal, we take a look at her career to date in our feature 10 Things About…Martina Barta!

1. Martina Bárta is a Czech jazz singer and musician born in Prague on 1 September, 1988.

2. Not only is she a vocalist but she is also a French horn player, and performs as part of the Berlin-based jazz band 4 To The Bar.

3. Her band mates let the cat out of the bag when they let slip that Martina would be representing Czech Republic at Eurovision 2017 at a concert ahead of the official announcement by the broadcaster.

4. Martina is currently participating in a swing gala night called Sinatrology. The show also stars Dasha, a singer who was in talks to be the Czech entry for Eurovision 2016.

5. Martina also had a role in the musical Robin Hood and worked with Felix Slováček and Karel Gott.

6. After studies in classical music at the School of the City of Prague (Gymnázium Jana Nerudy), Martina soon realised that playing the horn in an improvisational context was her chosen path and so felt more comfortable and free playing Jazz.

7. While studying at the Jazz Institute in Berlin, Martina founded her own Jazz Orchestra. Since 2010 she has been performing as a soloist with the legendary Czech Radio Big Band, led by noted reed player, Felix Slováček.

8. She is greatly influenced by and aspires to play the French horn like Willie Ruff.

9. Martina is very complimentary of her sister Kristina’s composing and piano playing abilities and has worked together with her on a number of projects. This includes the Martina Barta and Kristina Barta Trio and their first single ‘Find Peace of Mind’.

10. The song was awarded by OSA the Best Jazz Song of the Year 2016 at the Bohemia Jazz Festival.

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