Watch: Svala, Selma and Yohanna do Eurovision Carpool Karaoke!

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svala iceland 2017 eurovisionThis year’s Eurovision representative for Iceland, Svala, recently added a video to her YouTube channel where she was joined in her car with two former Iceland Eurovision singers Selma and Yohanna for some Eurovision Carpool Karaoke.

Svala first picked up Selma in her car and the two ladies sang Selma’s Eurovision 1999 hit ‘All Out of Luck’ which finished in 2nd place that year. Following the song the women chatted about Eurovision, performing in front of such a large audience and combining all elements of performance from hair and make up, to choreography and voice.

The duo were soon joined by a third carpooler Yohanna and the three of them joined in on singing her Eurovision 2009 song ‘Is It True?’ which also placed in second. All the women spurred each other on as they nailed the high notes.

Finally the trio joined forces to belt out Svala’s 2017 Eurovision song ‘Paper’. You can watch the full video below and you can add English subtitles using the settings feature on the video!


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