10 Things About…Omar Naber!

10 Things About...

Omar Naber Slovenia Eurovision 2017

1. Omar Naber was born in Ljubljana in Slovenia (then part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) on 7 July 1981 and is is a Slovenian singer and songwriter.

2. His father was from Jordan, while his mother is Slovenian.

3. Omar Naber won Bitka talentov, the Slovenian version of the ‘Battle of the Talents’ in 2004 having performed songs such as ‘Sexed Up’, ‘Love is in the Air’, ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Freedom’.

4. Omar is no stranger to Eurovision having composed the song ‘Stop’ which he performed in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, representing Slovenia. He finished 12th in the semi final with 69 points and failed to advance to the final of the Contest.

5. Omar has a number of albums under his belt, releasing his debut eponymous album ‘Omar’ in 2005. He toured this album extensively in both Slovenia and internationally.

6. His second album ‘Kareem’ (named after his band) was released in 2007.

7. Omar was intent on returning to the Eurovision stage and entered the Slovenian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest four more times. ‘I Still Carry On’ (2009), ‘Bistvo skrito je očem’ (2011) and ‘I Won’t Give Up’ (2014) were not selected but in 2017 he had more success with ‘On My Way’.

8. It wasn’t just the Slovenian national selection process that Omar had entered for Eurovision. In 2016, he also entered the Swiss selection for the 2016 contest with the song ‘Take Me Far’. He lost out to Rykka’s ‘Last of Our Kind’.

9. Omar has courted controversy recently when his video for song ‘I Won’t Give Up’ included a scene where he kissed a man (played by Gašper Kemperle)for the first time in his life. Speaking about the video Omar said

‘I think it does not matter. In any case, it was a game. I do it, it makes no sense to deny or affix, or whether one of us is gay or not, otherwise the video and the song loses its charm. That’s all I can say. The subliminal message of this video is the fact that I do not care what anyone thinks. That’s the whole point.’

10. Omar’s most recent album ‘Na glavo’ (No Helmet) was released in 2014 with both a Slovenian and English version.

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