Eurovision World Cup 2017: Group A Results!

Eurovision World Cup, Poll

Eurovision NI World Cup 2017 Group A

For the past four days you have been voting in the first group of the Eurovision NI World Cup 2017! We have closed the poll and can now reveal the results and announce which two countries have made it through to the next round of the competition.

In first place with 33% of the vote is Italy’s Francesco Gabbani and song ‘Occidentali’s Karma’. In a close second place was the duo of Ilinca and Alex Florea who represent Romania with ‘Yodel It!’. It received 29% of the vote. Both of these songs have qualified for the next round of the competition, while Hungary, Ukraine and Serbia have been eliminated. See the full results below:

Eurovision World Cup: Group A Results

  1. Italy- Francesco Gabbani- ‘Occidentalis Karma’ (33.33%)
  2. Romania- Ilinca ft. Alex Florea- ‘Yodel It!’ (28.57%)
  3. Serbia- Tijana Bogićević- ‘In Too Deep’ (23.81%)
  4. Ukraine- O. Torvald- ‘Time’ (9.52%)
  5. Hungary- Joci Papai- ‘Origo’ (4.76%)

Eurovision NI’s Eurovision World Cup continues with Group B where two more songs will advance. Click here to listen to all the songs and vote in our poll. The poll will close on Sunday evening.


2 thoughts on “Eurovision World Cup 2017: Group A Results!

  1. I agree. I do like the Serbian and Ukrainian song, but I feel that Italy and Romania are stronger. I also see a gimmicky act will doing well this year after the seriousness/political message of 2016. I think that Italy’s dancing gorilla or the yodelling from Romania will catch the attention of the televoters.


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