Review: Belgium- Blanche ‘City Lights’

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Belgium were the early favourites to win the Contest in 2017. In the meantime they have fallen in the odds somewhat, but Blanche (aged only 17) is still a formidable force to be reckoned with and still very much in with a shot of winning with song ‘City Lights’. 

‘City Lights’ opens with a singular piano chord and the iconic lyrics ‘All alone in the danger zone. Are you ready to take my hand’. These haunting lyrics coupled with Blanche’s accomplished vocal and unique indie pop style you can see that Belgium may be onto something good.

The creative, artistic partnership between Blanche and songwriter Pierre Dumoulin is a powerful one. Using the theme of light and shadows to explore love in a relationship is highly effective. The video for the song is also innovative, furthering the theme of lights and shadows. In the urban setting, Blanche traverses the city streets and rooftops at night while streams of light illuminate her path as she walks by.

The song is memorable, Blanche’s voice is stirring and evocative, the staging will decide how well this song can finish. There is no doubt the song will be in the Final vying for the win but for me, I think it will come in second place.

My Ranking: 9th

My Prediction: 2nd in the Final

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