15 Things We Learned This Week (12th Mar 2017)

15 things we learned this week

Well well well, hasn’t the world of Eurovision been a busy one this week. Not only did we have the conclusion of national final season with the staging of the remaining selection shows, but the previously announced artists came out in force unveiling music videos for their Eurovision songs or debuting them for the first time. Check out our news round up of this week’s highlights.

1. Sweden’s Melodifestivalen came to an end this week after six weeks worth of epic shows and it was Robin Bengtsson who was won the entire contest and who will represent Sweden at Eurovision 2017 with ‘I Can’t Go On’. Full story>>>

2. The Norwegian selection show Melodi Grand Prix selected its winner this week, opting to send Jowst to Kiev in May with song ‘Grab the Moment’. Full story>>>

3.  Keeping with the Scandinavian theme now, and following the two semi finals over the past weeks, Iceland’s Songvakeppnin also concluded this week. Svala will represent the island nation with ‘Paper’. Full story>>>

4. Our final selection show for this week and for Eurovision 2017 was Lithuania’s Eurovizijos. After weeks of heats and semi finals, last night saw the final take place, which crowned ‘Rain of Revolution’ by Fusedmarc as their winner. Full story>>>

5. It wasn’t just selection shows that saw new Eurovision artists added to the roster for 2017, Australia continued with their preferred internal selection process again for 2017 choosing Isaiah Firebrace to represent them on their third outing. He will sing ‘Don’t Come Easy’. Full story>>>

6. We welcomed the news earlier this evening that three time Eurovision competitor Valentina Monetta will return in 2017 to represent San Marino. She will team up with Jimmie Wilson for song ‘Spirit of the Night’. Full story>>>

7. Other countries who had chosen their acts some time ago, announced their song for 2017. First up was Demy from Greece who will sing ‘This is Love’. Full story>>>

8. Also choosing their song this week was Israel’s Imri Ziv. He unveiled the video for his song ‘I Feel Alive’. Check it out here>>>

9. Ireland too got in on the action with Hometown’s Brendan Murray announcing he would sing ‘Dying to Try’ in Kiev. Check it out here>>>

10. Serbia chose Tijana Bogicevic a few weeks back and now we know that she will perform ‘In Too Deep’ at Eurovision 2017. Full story>>>

11. Montengrin representative Slavko Kalezic told us a few weeks back that he would sing a song called ‘Space’ but it wasn’t until this week that we got to hear the song in full. Full story>>>

12. It has also been a long wait for the Azerbaijani 2017 Eurovision song. While we’ve known for some time that they would be represented by DiHaj, only this week did we get the video and audio for ‘Skeletons’. Check it out>>>

13. Belgium’s Blanche will sing ‘City Lights’ at Eurovision 2017. Check out the video here>>>

14. The UK chose ‘Never Give Up On You’ by Lucie Jones for Eurovision 2017 and this week the Welsh singer revealed the official video for her song. Check it out>>>

15. It wasn’t just this year’s contestants that unveiled new music this week. Last year’s representative for Iceland, Greta Salome, returned to the Songvakeppnin stage for this year’s final to provide her nation with an interval act with new song ‘Blues’. Check her mesmerising performance out here>>>

This is the end of our 15 Things We Learned This Week feature for 2017, however we will be back very soon with the return of our Eurovision NI World Cup 2017 feature which will kick off very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

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