Poll Results: Norway’s Melodi GP 2017!


Later this evening ten acts will fight it out to be named the Eurovision 2017 pick for Norway. Ahead of the big announcement we reveal the results of our poll. 

Topping the poll with a whopping 42.31% of the vote was Ella with song ‘Mama Boy’. Second place meanwhile was Ulrikke with ‘Places’ and in third was Amina Sewali with ‘Mesterverk’. The full results are below.

Norway Melodi GP Results:

  1. Ella- ‘Mamma Boy’-42.31%.
  2. Ulrikke- ‘Places’- 15.38%.
  3. Amina Sewali- ‘Mesterverk’- 11.54%.
  4. Elin & The Woods- ‘First Step in Faith/Oadjebasvuhtii’- 9.62%.
  5. Jenny Augusta- ‘I Go Where You Go’- 9.62%.
  6. Ammunition- ‘Wrecking Crew’- 5.77%.
  7. In Fusion- ‘Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over’- 3.85%.
  8. JOWST- ‘Grab the Moment’- 1.92%.
  9. Kristian Valen- ‘You & I’- 0%.
  10. Rune Rudberg Band- ‘Run Run Away’- 0%.

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