Poll Results: Romania’s National Final!

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ilinca romania eurovision 2017Romania’s national final will take place tomorrow evening, ahead of the big announcement we reveal the results of our poll!
10 songs will compete for the chance to represent Romania at Eurovision 2017 but it was Ilinca ft Alex Florea with ‘Yodel It’ who you want to see represent Romania with x% of the vote. In joint second place meanwhile was boy band Maxim and Ramona Nerra. The full results are below.

Selecția Națională 2017 Final- Poll Results

  1. Ilinca ft. Alex Florea- ‘Yodel It!’- 65%
  2. Maxim- ‘Adu-ți aminte’ (Remember)- 9%
  3. Ramona Nerra- ‘Save Me’- 9%
  4. Instinct- ‘Petale’ (Petals)- 6%
  5. Eduard Santha- ‘Wild Child’- 3%
  6. MIHAI- ‘I Won’t Surrender’- 3%
  7. Cristina Vasiu – Set the Skies on Fire- 3%
  8. Tavi Colen & Emma- ‘We Own the Night’ -3%
  9. Xandra- ‘Walk On By’- 0%
  10. Ana-Maria Mirică- ‘Spune-mi tu’ (Tell me)- 0%

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