Poll Results: Portugal’s Festival Da Cancao!

Portugal’s national final Festival Da Cancao will take place tomorrow night, with eight acts competing for the title. Ahead of that big announcement we reveal who has topped our poll.

Viva La Diva topped the poll with ‘Nova gloria’ and 27% of the vote. They finished ahead of second place singer Pedro Goncalves and Celina da Piedade in third place. The full results are below.

The Results

  1. Viva La Diva- ‘Nova glória’- 27%
  2. Pedro Gonçalves- ‘Don’t Walk Away’- 21%
  3. Celina da Piedade- ‘Primavera’- 19%
  4. Jorge Benvinda- ‘Gente bestial’- 13%
  5. Fernando Daniel- ‘Poema a dois’- 8%
  6. Deolinda Kinzimba- ‘O que eu vi nos meus sonhos’- 7%
  7. Salvador Sobral- ‘Amar pelos dois’- 4%
  8. Lena d’Água- ‘Nunca me fui embora’- 1%

Tune in tomorrow night to find out if you are correct!



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