Ranking: Portugal’s Festival Da Cancao Finalists!

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Portugal return to Eurovision in 2017 after a year’s absence and over the past two weeks they have whittled their Eurovision 2017 contenders down to eight songs. We take a look at them all, giving them a score out of ten and ranking them in order of our favourites. Read on to find out the order.

Congratulations Portugal, you well and truly could make Eurovision history by having the most boring, blandest and dull national final of the season, if not of recent history. If these are the eight acts that qualified to the final, I only count my lucky stars that I didn’t watch the two semi finals, because I dread to see the songs that this selection beat.

The majority of the songs in the final are dull ballads with no hook, have ropey vocals and the style and staging are extremely dated or no thought or effort has gone into it at all. The only refreshing part of the entire line up is the accordion that is in the ‘Primavera’ song and that the song title of Pedro Goncales (‘Don’t Walk Away’) reminded me of  the fact that Javine has a song of the same name.

8. Fernando Daniel- ‘Poema a dois’


7. Lena d’Água- ‘Nunca me fui embora’ 


6. Deolinda Kinzimba- ‘O que eu vi nos meus sonhos’


5. Salvador Sobral- ‘Amar pelos dois’


4. Viva La Diva- ‘Nova glória’


3. Celina da Piedade- ‘Primavera’


2. Jorge Benvinda- ‘Gente bestial’


1. Pedro Gonçalves- ‘Don’t Walk Away’ 


Do you agree with our ranking? Have your say by voting in our poll. The results will be revealed on Sunday just before Portugal decide on their song.

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