New Music Round Up: February 2017!

New Music Round Up

It’s the end of another month, which means it’s time for another new music round up. Debuting in February 2017 were some songs from some of our favourite recent Eurovision stars. This includes a duet between Armenian selection show judges Aram MP3 and Iveta Mukuchyan, new material from Ireland’s twins Jedward, Juri Pootsmann from Estonia, Sandjha from Finland, former Serebro singer Elena Teminkova and a new song from Elina Born, penned by Stig Rasta which will compete in the Estonian national selection in 2017. Check them out!

Aram MP3 ft. Iveta Mukuchyan- ‘Dashterov’


Depi Evratesil judges and former Eurovision representatives from Armenia Aram MP3 and Iveta Mukuchyan are giving us serious eighties disco vibes with their new song ‘Dashterov’. Add to the mix Eastern instruments, a catchy chorus, a fun video with cows, washerwomen, a shepherd with a scythe, dancers with retro tv sets and fruit bunches for heads and we’re on to a winner. You’d be forgiven for thinking if you translate ‘Dashterov’ into English you get ‘fun’ (it actually means ‘Fields’ ahhh…now I get all the pastoral images from the video!)!

Sandhja- ‘We Go On’


Sandhja wasn’t a stand out when she performed ‘Sing It Away’ at last year’s Eurovision. She grows as an artist with new release ‘We Go On’, teaming up with Gracias and Ekow for an urban dance song. Her impressive vocals are enhanced with the addition of the two musicians- the result a modern pop song with synth and positive vibes reminiscent of Kiesza.

Elena Temnikova (Serebro) ft ST- ‘Crazy Russians’


One word to sum up this former member of Serebro’s song is ‘Bizarre’. The video pulls focus from the song for its apocalyptic, dystopian, video game setting with werewolves, robot, tanks and cyborgs- think a cheap Russian version of X-Men. Temnikova’s input to the song is minimal, limited to singing the chorus and pouting sexily like a modern day tribute to Lara Croft, while the main vocal is rapped by ST amped up by frenetic dupstep noise.

Juri Pootsmann- ‘Silmades’


Having failed to qualify for the Eurovision finals in 2016, Juri Pootsmann returns with song ‘Silmades’ (‘In the Eyes’). The song demonstrates Juri’s unique vocal style- a deeply rich voice which is well suited to an easy listening album, rather than what we get here- an attempt at a lively pop song. The music and the vocals don’t blend seamlessly and as a result, it is quite difficult to listen to.  Nice brooding images in the video with picturesque sun set beaches.

Justs- ‘Message to You’


‘Message to You’ is a departure from what we’ve grown accustomed to from Justs. Gone is his cool stylised electro pop, and what it’s been replaced with is a crooner-esque ballad that at times reminds me of Amir’s Eurovision song ‘J’ai Cherche’ without the cheeky charm. For all the modern references to Instagram etc in the opening few lines, the song is very dated. The only saviour is a poppy chorus and elements of his electro style being reintroduced much later in the song.

Young Georgian Lolitaz- ‘Dark Device’


Nika Kocharov and the Young Georgian Lolitaz were possibly one of the worst entries from Eurovision 2016. The band racked up a total of four nominations in the ‘Bad’ categories at our Eurovision NI Awards in 2016 and took home the gong for Worst Lyrics for their Eurovision song ‘Midnight Gold’. Following their Eurovision catastrophe, I thought we’d seen and hoped we’d heard the last of the band, but they returned for a performance on the Georgian national selection show last month, debuting the new single ‘Dark Device’. Do yourself a favour and don’t even bother clicking play.

Amir- ‘Au Coeur de Moi’


Amir is the king of the French pop ballad. He wowed us at Eurovision 2016, giving France one of their best results in recent years with ‘J’ai Cherche’. His follow up single ‘On Dirait’ built on this success and gave Amir a top 40 hit in both France and Belgium. ‘Au Coeur de Moi’ is the latest single and is the title track from Amir’s debut album. The song translated into English as ‘In the Heart of Me’ tells of the ups and downs of being in love with a cheerful rhythm.

Elina Born- ‘In or Out’


Elina Born will compete in Estonia’s Eesti Laul later this month with song ‘In or Out’. She has teamed up with ex-Eurovision chum and musical partner Stig Rasta who has penned the song for her. The song is much livelier than the duo’s previous Eurovision attempt ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’. ‘In or Out’ uses jazzy trumpets and sax to create a toe tapping melody, enhanced by Elina’s sultry vocals. A definite winner in my books!

Rykka- ‘Runnin’ Away’


Rykka didn’t make much of an impression on me at Eurovision 2016. ‘The Last of Our Kind’ was a solid effort but it wasn’t until she followed this up with ‘Bad Boy’ that I sat up and took notice of her as a real star. Rykka goes from strength to strength with ‘Runnin’ Away’ which has elements of pop, R n B, Easy Listening and a little bit of Classical to it. I can’t wait for a full album if it’s going to be anything like these lead tracks!

Jedward- ‘Oxygen’


Everyone’s favourite Eurovision twins- John and Edward Grimes aka Jedward have had a solid string of singles since competing in back to back Eurovisions in 2011 and 2012. Since ‘Lipstick’ and ‘Waterline’ they’ve given us ‘Bad Behaviour’, ‘Ferocious’, ‘Hologram’, ‘Good Vibes’ and ‘The Hope Song’. While they are not the best singers in the world, the lads always bring the fun factor. However, I feel like we’ve seen all the range we possibly can from Jedward. Their back catalogue of songs, do all begin to blend in to one and sound the same. That’s not necessarily a bad thing- if you like one of their songs, you’ll like them all.

Which of this month’s new songs is your favourite?

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