Romania: Ten Songs Make it to the Final!


Ovidiu Anton Romania Eurovision 2016With the debacle of last year’s disqualification well and truly behind them, Romania kicked off their Eurovision 2017 bid tonight with the semi final of their national selection show Selecta Nationala.  15 songs competed for the ten qualifying slots in next week’s national final on 5th March. This week the Romanian broadcaster revealed which fifteen songs are in the running. Find out which songs made the cut.

Selecția Națională 2017 Semi Final- Results

  • Cristina Vasiu – Set the Skies on Fire
  • Elizé & No Stress- ‘Fără Bariere’ (Without barriers)
  • Tudor Turcu- ‘Limitless’
  • Ramona Nerra- ‘Save Me’
  • Ana-Maria Mirică- ‘Spune-mi tu’ (Tell me)
  • Instinct- ‘Petale’ (Petals)
  • D-lema- ‘Adventure’
  • Ilinca ft. Alex Florea- ‘Yodel It!’
  • Tavi Colen & Emma- ‘We Own the Night’
  • Zanga- ‘Două sticle’ (Two bottles)
  • Maxim- ‘Adu-ți aminte’ (Remember)
  • Eduard Santha- ‘Wild Child’
  • MIHAI- ‘I Won’t Surrender’
  • Alexandra Crăescu- ‘Hope’
  • Xandra- ‘Walk On By’

Romania’s selection process for Eurovision 2017 will continue next week with the final.

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