Melodifestivalen Announce Battles for Second Chance Show!


Melodifestivalen 2017 Eurovision NIFour weeks into the Swedish selection show and we now know the line up of the second chance show that will take place next week. This round will pit the acts that finished in third and fourth place over the last four weeks in a series of battles, the winner of each will advance to the final round along with the other eight finalists who qualified directly from their respective heats.

Following the final of the heats earlier this evening, Swedish broadcaster SVT announced which of the Second Chance competitors would do battle next week. Here is the line up:

Battle 1:

FO&O ‘Gotta Thing About You’ v. De Vet Du ‘Road Trip’

Battle 2:

Axel Schylström ‘När ingen ser’ v. Lisa Ajax ‘I Don’t Give A’

Battle 3:

Boris René ‘Her Kiss’ v. Dismissed ‘Hearts Align’

Battle 4:

Anton Hagman ‘Kiss You Goodbye’ v. Loreen ‘Statements’

The other good news is that the full versions of all the songs from this year’s Melfest are now all available to listen to!

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