Poll Results: You Want it to be Sunstroke Project for Moldova!

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moldova eurovision 2017Moldova staged the semi final of their Eurovision selection show O Melodie Pentru Europa last night with eight acts making it through to tonight’s final. We’ve been asking you to vote for your favourite of the remaining songs in our poll and we can now reveal the results.

Topping the poll with 43% of the vote was the Sunstroke Project for their song ‘Hey Mamma’. In second was Ethno Republic and Surorile Osoianu whose song ‘Discover Moldova’ received 21% of the vote while third place went to Samir Loghin for ‘Glow’ which got 13%.

Will the poll results be reflected in the outcome of tonight’s final. Tune in here this evening from 18.35 CET to find out.

Full results of the poll:

  1. SunStroke Project- ‘Hey Mamma’- 43%
  2. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu- ‘Discover Moldova’- 21%
  3. Samir Loghin- ‘Glow’- 13%
  4. Diana Brescan- ‘Breath’- 8%
  5. Chirtoacă Aurel- ‘Dor de mamă’ (Longing for Mother)- 4%
  6. Marks & Stefanet- ‘Join Us in the Rain’- 4%
  7. Valeria Paşa- ‘Freedom’- 4%
  8. Vozniuc feat. Vio Grecu- ‘Don’t Lie’- 4%


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