Lithuania’s Eurovizijos Heat 8 Results!


Lithuania Eurovision 2017 EurovizijosBelieve or not, Lithuania are still on the hunt for their Eurovision song for 2017. Eurovizijos began eight weeks ago and here are the results of the eighth show.

Eight acts competed in the eighth show of Eurovizijos 2017 which aired last night on broadcasting channel LRT. A total of four acts advanced to the next round of the competition.

Impressing fans and jury and gaining a total of 22 points was Fusedmarc with a song ‘Rain of Revolution’. Finishing second overall with 20 points was Gabrielius Vagelis with ‘Feel Myself Free’. Also making the cut was Paula and Kotryna Judozeviciute.

The full list of results below:

Place Artist Song Jury Vote Public Vote Total Result
1 Fusedmarc Rain of Revolution 10 12 22 Adavnced
2 Gabrielius Vagelis Feel Myself Free 12 8 20 Adavnced
3 Paula Let U Go 8 10 18 Adavnced
4 Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė Love Shadow 8 7 15 Adavnced
5 Mia Sacrifice 7 4 11 Eliminated
6 Queens of Roses Fisherman 5 6 11 Eliminated
7 Alanas Chošnau 7 Days 5 5 10 Eliminated
8 Valerija Iljinaitė You Made Me Glow 6 3 9 Eliminated

Eurovizijos will return with its semi final show next week, where these four acts will join Sasha Song, Aiste Pilvelyte, Greta Zazza and Ieva Zasimauskaitė who qualified from last week’s show.

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