10 Things About…Jacques Houdek!

Jacques Houdek Croatia Eurovision 2017Jacques Houdek has been chosen by internal selection to represent the Croatia at Eurovision 2017. Ahead of his big song reveal, we take a look at his career to date in our feature 10 Things About…Jacques Houdek!

1. Jacques Houdek was born Željko Houdek on April 14, 1981 in Zagreb to Slovenian parents.

2. Jacques married his wife Brigitte Krkač in 2006 and they have two children; son David and daughter Sofija.

3. After finishing music school, Jacques attended Berklee College Of Music in Boston.

4. Jacques has won a number of prestigious awards including: the Porin award for best new artist and first place at the festival MC 2004, BH Radio Festival for the best Croatian performer in 2005, the Porin for best male performance in 2008 and 2012.

5. In January 2011, in the finals of the Open Mic UK singing contest held in London’s O2 Arena, Jacques finished in fourth place among 16.000 competitors.

6. He latercparticipated in the British TV show X Factor, where he was given the nickname the ‘Croatian Sensation’. Although he made it to the top 100 candidates, he had to withdraw from the contest due to an inability to secure a work permit in time.

7. Jacques Houdek has taken part in a number of previous Croatian national selection shows for Eurovision. The show was called Dora and he took part in 2011 (finishing second), 2006 (finishing in 15th place), 2004 (finishing in fourth), 2003 (finishing fifth) and in 2002 (finishing 13th).

8. His discography includes an impressive thirteen albums including his 2004 debut ‘Čarolija’ and his most recent album was released in 2016 ‘Tko je, srce, u te dirn’o?’

9. His nicknames include Gospodin Glas and Mr. Voice. The latter is a reference to him being a well-known judge on The Voice of Croatia.  This is the competition that last year’s Croatian entrant, Nina Kraljic, won in 2015.

10. Speaking about being selected for Eurovision he said:

“I am extremely happy and thank Croatian Radio and Television for the trust they have shown. Being a representative of Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest is a big honour for me and I’m grateful for the opportunity”.

Listen to some of his past hits in our YouTube playlist:

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