Ukraine Selection Show 2017: Show 3 Results!

Ukraine continued with their Eurovision 2017 selection this evening with the third of three preliminary shows to decide who will succeed Jamala when the nation host the Contest in May. 

Eight acts competed in this third show with two acts advancing to next week’s final on 25th February. This was decided by a 50% televote and a 50% jury vote. The jury consisted of last year’s winner Jamala,  composer and producer Konstantin Meladze and Andriy Danylko better known as is drag persona Verka Serduchka who represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2007.

O.Torvald and Melovin have 

O. Torvald won the third semi with a total of 14 points with song ‘Time’. Meanwhile Melovin also advanced to the final next week finishing in second with song ‘Wonder’. The six remaining songs were all eliminated. See below for the full results.

The Results: 

  1. Payushchie Trusy- ‘Singing Pants’
  2. O.Torvald- ‘Time’
  3. Anastasia Prudius- ‘Flow’
  4. Vitaly Kozlovsky- ‘Be Your Light’
  5. Kadnay- ‘Freedom In My Mind’
  6. Melovin- ‘Wonder’
  7. Green Grey- ‘Future Is On’
  8. Vivienne Mort- ‘Iniy’

The competition will conclude next weekend when the final six will compete to be crowned the winner in the final. The finalists are: 

  • Tayanna- ‘I Love You’
  • Salto Nazad- ‘O, mamo!’
  • Rozhden- ‘Saturn”
  • Illaria- ‘Thank You for My Way”
  • Melovin- ‘Wonder’
  • O. Torvald- ‘Time’

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