Poll Results: Malta’s MESC 2017!

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MESC Malta Eurovision 2017You have been voting for your favourite of the contenders in the Maltese national selection show MESC 2017. The show will take place later this evening, but ahead of the announcement, we reveal the poll results!

Shauna Vassallo is your favourite to win tonight for Malta. Her song ‘Crazy Games’ topped the poll with 27% of the vote. Tied for second place was Crosswalk’s ‘So Simple’ and Maxine Pace’s ‘Bombshell’ with 13% of the vote each. You can find out how all the songs ranked with us here and the full poll results are below.

Malta MESC 2017 Poll Results

  • Shauna Vassallo- ‘Crazy games’  27%
  • Crosswalk- ‘So simple’  13%
  • Maxine Pace- ‘Bombshell’ 13%
  • Miriana Conte- ‘Don’t Look Down’ 10%
  • Brooke Borg- ‘Unstoppable’  7%
  • Deborah C & Josef Tabone- ‘Tonight’  7%
  • Jade Vella- ‘Seconds Away’ 7%
  • Janice Mangion- ‘Kewkba’  3%
  • Claudia Faniello- ‘Breathlessly’  3%
  • Klinsmann Coleiro- ‘Laserlight’  3%
  • Raquela Dalli Gonzi- ‘Ray of light’  3%
  • Richard Edwards- ‘You’  3%
  • Rhiannon Michallef- ‘Fearless’  0%
  • Cherton Caruana- ‘Fighting to Survive’  0%
  • Franklin Calleja- ‘Follow Me’  0%
  • Kevin Borg- ‘Follow’  0%


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