Kasia Mos for Poland!


Poland’s national final took place earlier this evening. Ten songs battled it out to be the nation’s Eurovision 2017 pick but it was Kasia Mos who was crowned the winner with ‘Flashlight’ with a total of 19 points over all. 

Poland National Final Results

1. Kasia Mos- ‘Flashlight’ (19 points)

2. Rafał Brzozowski- ‘Sky over Europe’ (16 points)

3. Carmell- ‘Faces’ (15 points)

4. Isabell Otrębus-Larsson- ‘Voiceless’ (15 points)

5. Agata Nizińska- ‘Reason’ (14 points)

6. Małgorzata Uściłowska (Lanberry)- ‘Only Human’ (8 points)

7. Martin Fitch- ‘Fight For Us’ (8 points)

8. Paulla- ‘Chcę tam z tobą być’ (7 points)

9. Aneta Sablik- ‘Ulalala’ (6 points)

10. Olaf Bressa- ‘You Look Good’ (2 points)


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