10 Things About…Francesco Gabbani!

Italy Eurovision 2017 francesco-gabbani

Francesco Gabbani won the Big Artists category at Italy’s week long music festival Sanremo in 2017. He won with his song ‘Occidentalis Karma’ and will represent the country at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev. Ahead of his appearance, we get to know the singer a bit better with 10 Things About…Francesco Gabbani.

1. Francesco Gabbani is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, born in Carrara 9 September 1982.

2. Francesco developed his love of music from a very early age, helped by the fact that his family owns a musical instrument shop in his home town. He started learning to play the drums at the age of four and by nine he was learning the guitar as well.

3. At 18 he signed his first record deal and his debut album ‘Greitist Iz’ was produced by Alex Blacks and Marco Baroni Planet Funk.

4. Following the success of his debut album, in 2010, Gabbani was invited to support Welsh band Stereophonics on the Italian dates of their European Tour.

5. Francesco won the 2017 Big Artists competition at the Sanremo Festival, but this is not the first time he has competed at the week long music festival. In 2016 he competed in the New Artists category, winning with song ‘Amen’.

6. As a result Francesco is the first person ever to win both categories at the festival in two consecutive years.

7. ‘Amen’ also won the Mia Martini Critics Award and became the lead single from his second album ‘Eternamente ora’ released in 2016.

8. Francesco’s hit singles include the songs ‘Summer’, ‘The Discs Will Not Play’, ‘Damn Love’ and ‘Clandestino’, which have all garnered huge success in Italy.

9. In 2016, Gabbani composed the soundtrack of Italian comedy film ‘Poveri Ma Ricchi’ which was directed by Fausto Brizzi. His song “Foglie al gelo” was released in December 2016 as a single from the film’s soundtrack album.


10. Gabbani’s Eurovision song ‘Occidentalis Karma’ (or ‘Western Karma’ in English) was co-written by Francesco Gabbani along with Filippo Gabbani, Fabio Ilacqua and Luca Chiaravalli. According to Francesco the song’s lyrics mock the idea of westerners who believe they can take Eastern cultures and “westernise” them. The song cites such Eastern ideas as Buddha and Nirvana as well as man’s evolution from the ape.

Listen to some of Francesco Gabbani’s past hits and performances in our YouTube playlist!


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