Ukraine Eurovision Delegation in Disarray Following 21 Resignations!


Ukraine Eurovision 2016 JamalaThe Ukrainian Delegation in charge of organising the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev is in disarray following a number of high profile resignations.

The Contest due to be hosted in the Ukrainian capital in May has already began the initial planning procedures including the selection of the venue, the event’s branding and sponsorship and preparing for the number of events that take place throughout the two weeks leading up to the Eurovision Final.

Yesterday however a massive 21 members of the organising committee including two of the Executive Producers resigned. In an open letter they remarked that this was due to the fact that the national broadcaster had increased the budget for hosting the Contest, to the detriment of other local programming throughout the rest of the year. They also remarked that they in effect were powerless to make any of the key decisions that they had been employed to make.

These resignations are the latest in a long line of issues that have plagued the 2017 Contest. Prior to these resignations the Director General of Ukraine’s National Broadcaster NTU Zurab Alasania also resigned in December pointing towards similar issues around budget as his reason for stepping aside.

In addition to this there was a number of delays in announcing Kiev as the host city, many pointing to issues of lack of infrastructure and voting bias as the reason for the delay. The sale of the tickets for Eurovision 2017 have also been delayed. Tickets usually go on sale the December prior to the Contest, whereas this year the tickets have still not gone on sale.

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