10 Things About…Blanche!

10 Things About...

Blanche Belgium Eurovision 2017Blanche is Belgium’s pick for Eurovision 2017. Get to know the singer a little bit better by learning 10 Things About…Blanche!

1. Blanche was born Ellie Delvaux in the Belgian capital Brussels in the year 2000.

2. Blanche, who up until recently performed under her real name Ellie Delvaux, changed her name because she felt that her first name Ellie was too common and confusing, where as her middle name Blanche was more unique:

“I really like my first name. But there already are a lot of famous singers out there called Ellie. So I decided to choose a more uncommon name for my work as a singer. Blanche is my third name. My career is about to start now, so page blanche (blank page) describes that very well.”

3. Blanche began her career by uploading cover songs of popular tracks by Adele and Ed Sheeran to YouTube.

4. Blanche competed in the fifth season of The Voice of Belgium where she made it through the blind auditions stage and became part of Team Cats on Trees.

5. During her time in the competition she sang covers of songs like ‘Daydreamer’ by  Adele, Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ and ‘Running with the Wolves’ by Aurora.

6.. However when she took on the song ‘Runnin” by Naughty Boy feat. Beyonce in the semi final round, she was eliminated from the competition.

7. Blanche was chosen by broadcaster RTBF to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2017. The french speaking broadcaster and Flemish broadcaster (VTF) take it year about to select the Belgian entries.

8. She was overjoyed at being picked to represent her country at Eurovision but stated: ‘I find it crazy to represent a whole country, it will be fun to meet the other competitors representing each of their nations, a kind of great international summit, uniquely artistic.’

9. Although Blanche’s Eurovision track has not yet been released, she has co-written the track with singer-songwriter and lead singer in band Roscoe- Pierre Dumoulin.

10. Speaking of how the collaboration came about, Blanche said: ‘He explained that my voice inspired him and that he really wanted to compose for me. We spent time in the studio, I was in my turn seduced by his music and talent. It worked well and we decided to go further in the adventure because the feeling was excellent.’

Check out some of Blanche’s previous work in our YouTube playlist below!

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