Ranking: Spain’s Objetivo Eurovision 2017 Contenders!

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Spain’s search for its 2017 Eurovision song and artist finally received a date this week and it is happening very soon indeed. In fact it will happen this Saturday, the 11th February. Six acts including the online eurocasting winner will do battle in the final of Objetivo Eurovision 2017, and we rank our favourites below.

Spain have provided us with a great mix of songs for the 2017 selection show. Among them is two beach summer party anthems Manel Navarro’s ‘Do It For Your Lover’ and Mirela’s ‘Contigo’. The former of these is slow to start with a Jason Mraz/Bruno Mars surfer vibe with its guitars and calming vocal. ‘Contigo’ meanwhile has party written all over it and it stands out as my personal favourite. Maika meanwhile takes a different tact with ‘Momento Critico’ which is a rock ballad. Also represented is Bieber-esque bubbly pop with Mario Jefferson’s ‘Spin My Head’, country/folk acoustic with Paula Rojo’s ‘Lo que nunca fue’ and finally the online Euro-casting pick LeKlein’s ‘Ouch!’ which has a mix of dance, pop and brass.


6. Maika- ‘Momento crítico’


5. LeKlein- ‘Ouch!’



4. Paula Rojo- ‘Lo que nunca fue’


3. Manel Navarro- ‘Do It For Your Lover’


2. Mario Jefferson- ‘Spin My Head’


1. Mirela- ‘Contigo’



Which of the 6 contenders is your favourite? Vote in our poll!

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