Melfest Semi 1: Results!

Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, which decides the nation’s Eurovision 2017 song, returned with the first of its live shows from Gothenburg this evening. Two acts made it directly to the final on 11th March while the songs in third and fourth place will compete again in the Second Chance show on 4th March. Read on to find out who made it.

Melfest returned with an all star presenting line up helmed by Hasse Andersson, David Lindgren and Clara Henry who opened the show with the parody musical numbers we have come to expect from Sweden. Following this we got the competing performances which included Melfest favourites Dinah Nah, Ace Wilder, Boris Rene and two time Swedish Eurovision representative Charlotte Perelli, as well as new comers De Vet Du, Nano and Adrijana.

Advancing directly to the final were Nano with song ‘Hold On’ and Ace Wilder who qualified with ‘Wild Child’.

Meanwhile the two songs that will compete again in the second chance show are Boris Rene’s ‘Her Kiss’ and De Vet Du’s ‘Road Trip’.

Show 1 Results- Gothenburg 4th Feb

Boris René- ‘Her Kiss’ (Second Chance)

Adrijana- ‘Amare’ (6th)

Dinah Nah- ‘One More Night’ (5th)

De Vet Du- ‘Road Trip’ (Second Chance)

Charlotte Perrelli- ‘Mitt liv’ (7th)

Ace Wilder- ‘Wild Child’ (Direct to Final)

Nano- ‘Hold On’ (Direct to Final)


Melodifestivalen returns with its second show live from Malmo next weekend.

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