Hungary’s A DAL Show 3: Results


a dal hungary eurovision 2017Earlier this evening Hungary’s Eurovision 2017 bid continued with the third of their ‘A Dal’ selection show heats. The show saw ten artists compete in the last of the three heats. There was however only room for six to advance to the semi finals in two weeks’ time. Find out who made the cut.

Gigi Radics came out in first place with their song ‘See It Through’  gaining a total of 43 points across the combined jury and televote. Second place was a three way tie going to TOTOVA and Zävodi + Olivér Berkes and Joci Pápai with ‘Hosszú idők’ and ‘#háttérzaj’ and ‘Origo’ respectively. While the other two acts making it through were The Couple and Soulwave. Soulwave went through on the public vote.

A DAL Show 3 Results:

Joci Pápai- ‘Origo’  (41 points)

Orsi Sapszon- ‘Hunyd le szemed’ (37 points)

The Couple- ‘Vége van’ (39 points)

Zävodi + Olivér Berkes- ‘#háttérzaj’ (41 points)

Kyra Fedor- ‘Got to Be a Day’ (34 points)

Enikő Muri- ‘Jericho’ (36 points)

Benjámin Pál- ‘Father’s Eyes’ (37 points)

Gigi Radics- ‘See It Through’ (43 points)

Soulwave- ‘Kalandor’ (34 points)

TOTOVA- ‘Hosszú idők’ (41 points)

A Dal will continue next saturday when we move to the next round of the contest- the semi finals. The 18 remaining songs will compete across the two shows for one of the eight places in the final on 18th February.

You can listen to all the A Dal contenders on our YouTube playlist and vote for your favourite in our poll.

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