Ranking: Switzerland Die Entscheidungsshow 2017 Contenders!


switzerland eurovision 2017
Switzerland will air its national selection show for Eurovision 2017 (Entscheidungsshow) on Sunday evening. Ahead of the show we rank the six songs in contention to represent the country in Kiev.


The six songs in contention for Switzerland in Eurovision 2017 are possibly the dullest set of songs that the Swiss broadcaster could have selected. The songs are all mid-tempo or slow ballads. Most of them sound exactly the same and I can’t imagine it will be a show that many Eurovision fans will be looking forward to. Having said that one song stands out a little more above the others. See below which song we ranked as our favourite.

6. Freschta- ‘Gold’

Score: 4/10

5. Ginta Biku- ‘Cet air là’

Score: 4/10

4. Nadya- ‘The Fire in the Sky’

Score: 4/10

3. Shana Pearson- ‘Exodus’

Score: 7/10

2. Michele- ‘Two Faces’

Score: 7/10

1. Timebelle- ‘Apollo’

Score: 8/10

Which of the 6 contenders is your favourite? Vote in our poll!

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